Equinor in Argentina

Equinor is exploring oil production in Argentina 

Equinor is doing seismic exploration in the Argentine Sea, which entails using sound wave cannons underwater to discover new oil and gas fields. This creates powerful sounds which can impact an area of 300,000 km2. This is roughly the same size as Italy. This is the first time an offshore oil and gas drilling exploration will be carried out in deep and ultra-deep waters in the Argentine Sea. There are many risks associated with operating at a depth of 4000 meters, and the strong currents in the area will greatly increase the consequences of an oil spill disaster in this ocean area with unique biodiversity values.

Seismic sounds harm the biodiversity 

The impact on biodiversity by exploring and developing oil and gas fields in the South Atlantic has not been properly assessed in Equinor’s environmental impact study. The powerful seismic sounds will for one reach wide and impact dolphins, killer whales, sea lions and penguins, in addition to the southern right whales that breed and feed in the Argentine Sea. The animals are exposed to disorientation and changes in stress levels and behavior. Other massive damages and even death by drowning can occur because of seismic exploration.

Oil production in Argentina can compromise tourism and fishing 

Many Argentinean coastal communities are dependent on income from tourism, which can be severely compromised by expanding fossil fuel frontier. Artisanal fishing will also be impacted. While Equinor is promising to care for the environment and generate economic benefits for the whole country while exploring new oil fields, it is pushing a narrative made up of insufficient risk assessments. The Argentinian environmental movement and coastal communities are therefore advocating for the halt of Equinor’s offshore exploration in the Argentine Sea. People all over Argentina have taken to the streets and rallied behind the banner #Atlanticazo, with demonstrations and public protests taking place in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata and other cities along the Atlantic Coast.  

Join us in stopping Equinor’s exploration of continued oil production in Argentina 

We are waiting for a ruling on the future of Equinor’s endeavours in Argentina. While we wait, we must continue to apply pressure on Equinor and other interests.