What is the Equinor out coalition

Representing communities in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, UK, Tanzania and Norway, we form a global movement of people and organisations demanding that the Norwegian oil giant Equinor end all exploration of new oil and gas reserves. 

Since we came together in 2022, we have fostered cooperation, mutual support, and shared learning. Together, we have taken action to stop Equinors worldwide expansion in oil and gas. We have supported local resistance and added legal hurdles to Equinors projects on a global stage, amplifying these messages to both Norwegian audiences and Equinor themselves. 

We have campaigned to influence the Norwegian Government and their expectations of Equinor as its owner. We have campaigned for the government to act on their expectations that Equinor operates within the goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees celsius.

Our national campaigns have built up momentum to stop the investment decisions for  projects such as the Rosebank oil field in the UK, Bay du Nord in Canada, offshore ventures in Argentina and Bacalhau in Brazil. Additionally,  we had a win in Norway with the Wisting project that Equinor put their investment decision on hold in November 2022. 

United, we are stronger than ever and our network continues to grow. If you or your group shares our vision and could benefit from working with us, you are welcome to come join us! 

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Get involved

Are you an organisation, local group or part of a network campaigning against fossil fuel companies or a specific fossil fuel project in your country? We’d love to hear from you and talk about how we can share knowledge and work together to hold oil and gas companies like Equinor accountable. 

Find local campaigns

Right now, there are active campaigns against Equinor’s fossil fuel projects in the UK, Norway, Canada, Brazil and Argentina, with more and more opposition growing every day. Find a campaign near you to get involved.

Take digital action

Join us in exposing Equinor’s oily nature and build pressure on its majority-owner the Norwegian Government. Click through to find quick actions you can take right now, wherever you are. 

Campaigning to stop the Bacalhau oil project
Campaigns in Brazil

Bacalhau will be Equinor’s largest project in Brazil and could emit as much as 800 million tonnes of CO2 – nearly double Brazil’s annual emissions.

#Atlanticazo for a fossil free Argentina Sea
Campaigns in Argentina

Equinor, and the fossil fuel industry, is facing huge public opposition in Argentina from coastal communities, environmental lawyers, NGOs and climate groups, and more.

Campaigns in the UK

Equinor is facing huge opposition in the UK over its plans to develop the Rosebank oil field and the Peterhead Power Station, with Equinor being framed as an iconic case of private profit, public poverty and runaway climate breakdown.

The fight to stop the Bay du Nord oil project
Campaigns in Canada

The Bay du Nord campaign launched in early 2022 to stop Equinor’s gigantic offshore project off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador in eastern Canada.

Stopping Equinor’s greenwashing and oil expansion
Campaigns in Norway

Environmental campaigners and activists in Norway are working tirelessly to expose Equinor’s greenwashing and hold the company accountable for its continued pursuit of new oil and gas projects in Norway and abroad.