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We are working collectively to get Equinor out of oil and gas. Our aim is for the Norwegian oil company to actually live up to its self-prescribed description as a «broad energy company» and leave fossil fuels as a thing of the past. Our efforts span the entire world. Representing communities in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, UK, Tanzania and Norway, we form a global movement of people and organisations demanding that the Norwegian oil giant Equinor end all exploration of new oil and gas reserves.

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Equinor is leading the opening of a new fossil fuel frontier in The Argentine Sea, which has propelled thousands of people to take to the streets and organize against Equinor’s offshore exploration under the banner #Atlanticazo. Equinor, and the fossil fuel industry, are facing huge public opposition and legal action in Argentina from coastal communities and NGOs.

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Equinor’s projected Bacalhau oil field in Brazil has been heavily criticised by the civil society for how the company obtained its operation licence. This unfair and unethical process has set in motion a broad opposition to the project, which will fuel the climate crisis and have huge impacts on marine biodiversity.

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Since 2022, hundreds of environmental and citizens organizations have joined the campaign to stop the projected Bay du Nord project in eastern Canada. Canadians have condemned Equinor for pursuing this project despite the devastating impact it could have on climate action, local people, and biodiversity protection. Equinor has delayed the project for up to three years, but the fight will continue until the project is canceled.

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Activists in Norway are working to expose Equinor’s greenwashing and its lack of transition to clean, green energy. Equinor invests hugely in keeping its public image as a «broad energy company» and shaping the energy debate in Norway, all while continuing to develop new oil fields and produce fossil fuels, tying up capital that could be invested elsewhere.

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Equinor is facing huge opposition in the UK over its plans to develop the Rosebank oil field and the Peterhead Power Station. The #StopRosebank campaign is made up of individuals, grassroots groups and organisations across Scotland, the rest of the UK and the world who are dedicated to stopping this disastrous project. Right now, Uplift and Greenpeace UK are suing the UK government and seeking to overturn the decision to allow Rosebank to go into development. The No New Peterhead Gas campaign aims to expose the greenwashing used by Equinor and SSE around controversial carbon capture and storage technologies, and stop the project in its tracks. Activists, grassroots groups and NGOs across Scotland are working to put pressure on the developers to pull out of the project, and on the decision makers in the Scottish Government to reject the plans for the new power plant.

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