Campaigns in Brazil

Here you can find information about the local efforts against Equinor's fossil fuel expansion and ways you can get involved.

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Campaigning to stop the Bacalhau oil project

Equinor is investing hugely in Brazil. Bacalhau will be Equinor’s largest project in Brazil and could emit as much as 800 million tonnes of CO2 – nearly double Brazil’s annual emissions. The project will fuel the climate crisis, and it could also have devastating impacts on marine biodiversity, as evidenced by biologists and scientists. 

Civil society in Brazil has criticized Equinor for not running a fair or ethical process for obtaining its preliminary and installation license. They argue that the license was approved without fulfilling the requirements of the law and without civil society approval and that Equinor capitalized on the political situation in Brazil to push the application through. Traditional communities were not given adequate opportunity to participate despite the project impacting their territory and ways of life. 

Based in Brazil? The campaign in Brazil is being formed. Get in touch to hear more about the resistance against Bacalhau and how you can get involved. 

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