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Here you can find information about the local efforts against Equinor's fossil fuel expansion and ways you can get involved.

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The fight to stop the Bay du Nord oil project

The Bay du Nord campaign launched in early 2022 to stop Equinor’s gigantic offshore project off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador in eastern Canada. Since then more than 126 environmental and citizens organisations, scientists and academics have joined the campaign to stop this climate-wrecking project. 

Bay du Nord has become a symbol of Canada and Equinor's hypocrisy on climate action and biodiversity protection. Thousands of Canadians have raised their voices against the project, and local activists in Newfoundland and Labrador have held rallies and spoken up about the risk of spills to fisheries and local ecosystems and the climate impacts already being felt by coastal communities there.

In autumn 2023, hundreds of demonstrators in St. John’s, the city closest to the project, rallied in opposition to the Bay du Nord. The demonstration was led by the local youth climate strike movement Fridays for the Future St. John’s and the turnout was particularly significant given the city itself has a population of only around 110,000 people. They specifically called out the hypocrisy of Bay du Nord as being labelled as a «green» project and called for the project to be cancelled due to the huge impact it would have on the climate and on local fisheries.

In 2022, Ecojustice on behalf of Équiterre, Sierra Club Canada Foundation, and Mi’gmawe’l Tplu’taqnn Incorporated (MTI), an organisation which represents eight Mi’gmaq communities in New Brunswick Canada, filed legal action to overturn the Canadian government’s approval of Bay du Nord, arguing that the federal government neglected its duty to meaningfully consult Indigenous communities, failed to account for the downstream emissions of the project, and the risk of spills on their salmon fishery. The legal fight against Bay du Nord continues.  

Even though Equinor has delayed the Bay du Nord project for up to three years, the fight will continue until the project is cancelled once and for all, and the climate, nature and livelihoods are protected. 

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