People join forces across five countries

Check out the photos our coordinated global moment ahead of Equinor’s annual shareholder meeting with actions taking place in Argentina, Canada, the UK, Brazil and Norway.

May 8, 2024
People join forces across five countries
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Groups from across Argentina, Brazil, the UK, Canada and Norway took to the streets, beaches and Equinor offices to demand an immediate stop to Equinor’s fossil fuel expansion.

The actions were part of a coordinated global moment ahead of Equinor’s annual shareholder meeting, which is taking place in Norway on Tuesday 14th May. Check out the photos below and read more about the AGM to find out how you can take part in the digital actions to influence Equinor.

Vuela el Pez part of Red de Comunidades Costeras by La Mar Grande, San Antonio Oeste, Río Negro, Patagonia, Argentina. Photo credit: Luciano Cutrera

Greenpeace Norway outside Equinors Headquarters in Oslo. Photo credit: Greenpeace Norway.

Associação de Jovens Engajamundo and Instituto de Cultura Oceânica by Barra do Sahy, São Sebastião, Brazil. Photo credit: Lais Cruz

Cambridge Stop Rosebank, Extinction Rebellion, Silent Rebellion, Little Blue Dot, Friends of the River Cam, SLB Out, ORCA and Greenpeace UK in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Photo credit: Kay Goodridge

Sierra Club Canada, Mixed Coast Collective, Council of Canadians, Newfoundland & Labrador Social Justice Co-operative at St. John's, Newfoundland.

No new gas at Peterhead campaign in Edinburgh, Scotland. Photographer: Friends of the Earth Scotland.

These activities are part of a global movement of groups protesting Equinors global oil and gas expansion. Read more: Local campaigns to stop Equinor